1. Hands on Ansible Tutorial - Session Notes

    A hands on ansible tutorial

  2. Have we misunderstood DVCS and git / hg ?

    Exploring our understanding of DVCS in the context of recent github downtime.

  3. Partially applied functions and decorators in python

    A detailed look at decorators and associated concepts like partial application of functions, closures et.

  4. A screencast overview of python enums as introduced by PEP 435

    Screencast and helper notes as a overview of python enums introduced by PEP 435

  5. "Exploring Java8 Lambdas. Part 1"

  6. Conference Report - Hasgeek jsFoo Pune 2012

  7. Why OSGi? Or why not using it makes your JVM runtime unsafe.

  8. Scala needs terraces

  9. Which risk would you manage? What would you want to prove? Programming Languages and Type Systems

  10. Contrasting Performance : Languages, styles and VMs - Java, Scala, Python, Erlang, Clojure, Ruby, Groovy, Javascript

  11. Why you should register to attend Python Conference Pune (Sept 2011) right now

  12. Google Plus : Getting close to the sweet spot by getting the basics right

  13. 10 Python one liners to impress your friends

  14. Why Java folks should look forward to Scala

  15. The cloud just got stronger, even as AWS went down

  16. Code Kata : Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies in Python

  17. Monads in an Object Oriented context

  18. A case for non leaky dual abstractions.

  19. Clojure style multi methods in python

  20. Programming Languages should be Simple (or My ideal programming language)

  21. Presentation : Recent trends in technology

  22. Double whammy. The state and dilemma of Indian IT

  23. Functional Programming with Python - Part 2 - Useful python constructs

  24. Functional Programming with Python - Part 1

  25. Simple Dependency Injection in Python

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