An aggregated java happenings feed

Fri 04 January 2008 | tags: javaweb

Looking over at "Yahoo Pipes!": , I had a curious idea. Could I use it to create one composite feed of a variety of rss feeds that I use today ? I created an as yet simple composite feed comprising of "On Java":, "IBM Developerworks - Java": , "": and "Java Blogs Hot Entries": . I selected the first 10 items from the first three and 20 from the java blogs.

These are a couple of views on the same pipe.

The feed has currently 50 items and I would like to roughly stick with that number - just so that thats a feed that I can review once when I start the day and perhaps once when I end it.

Would you have any suggestions in terms of either the content providers or the filters one can use to make the feed more useful ?