Learnings from a deleted blog post

Sun 20 January 2008

Yesterday this blog post was top of the charts in javablogs.com daily mail to me (Don't bother clicking on the link since it seems to have been taken offline at least at the point in time I compose this post).

Quitting a job

I immediately got a little curious and looked up the same on google cache. - "Quitting a job - from google cache":;=en&ct;=clnk&cd;=1≷=in

Here's my quick learnings from the incident :

  1. Group blogs probably need stronger access controls or code of conduct. Not sure (though I could attempt to speculate for myself) why it got taken off - it actually seemed quite innocuous.
  2. Title Matters - I think the post was at the tops since the title evoked an emotive response.
  3. Emotive issues override focused topics. Javablogs.com readers are supposed to be interested in reading posts on java - right ? Well this post beat the following popular posts by a handsome margin some of which would seem to be rather much more relevant to an audience primarily focused on java blog posts. Which one do you prefer; Liferay or JBoss Portal? Wow: a Java application with 25 megabytes of JAR files Thanks Zed, Java evolution, Ruby and Scala Pimple Pimping Death to Ant ** James Gosling and MySQL's Monty Widenius, David Axmark, and Brian Aker on Sun's MySQL Acquisition