Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

It has not been rare to come across situations where loyalties to one's profession and to the organisation one is working for may end up "seeming" at odds. On rare occasions, I have run into advice or opinions which sometimes were either questionable at best or unethical at worst. While I used my common sense, what was missing for me was a clear and present reference which helps evaluate a particular situation from professional ethics perspective. Came across a document which can help act as such a reference for the software engineering community and thought it was just too good to miss blogging about.

Here's the document : Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

In the sometimes cynical and less than innocent world we find ourselves in - this is refreshing content. Perhaps good material for people to read when they enter the workforce and review every time they take on a new assignment or maybe once every six months. Wonder how much is it subject to moral relativism.