Poll : Usage of web services (SOAP / REST / HTTP)

While the web service meme and implementations has been out there for many years, statistics about how many developers publish or consume them are a little hard to come by. Many statistics talk about the % organisations which have adopted or intend to adopt SOA / Web Services etc., but these often are less than sufficiently usefulĀ  IMHO since it does not indicate how widely these get used.

This poll attempts to understand how many developers "actually" either publish or consume web services in the current projects that they are involved with, and if so, what is the nature of the web service APIs (SOAP / REST / HTTP-POX).

Please note, that the poll is in the top right widget of this blog. Multiple selections are acceptable. If this is an answer you seek as well, please invite other developers you know to participate as well through email and blog posts Just indicate to them that the poll can be found in the top right widget at http://blog.dhananjaynene.com. While you can follow the current results online as entries are added, the poll will close on November 30th when the final results will be published.

Update :

Due to apparent lack of interest (no votes for the last 3 days), I am closing this poll early. The final summary of the votes is as follows :

  • Publishing with REST (57%, 12 Votes)

  • Consuming / Using REST services (57%, 12 Votes)

  • Consuming / Using SOAP services (29%, 6 Votes)

  • Publishing with SOAP (24%, 5 Votes)

  • Publishing non SOAP / non REST HTTP services (24%, 5 Votes)

  • Consuming non SOAP / non REST HTTP services (14%, 3 Votes)

  • No web services being published or consumed (5%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 21