Some information on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Apps (InApps)

DJ Patil, Chief Scientist & Sr. Director -- Product Analytics at LinkedIn made a small presentation during the session on OpenSocial, at the Java Technology Conference today. Below are some of the noteworthy points he made regarding LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn objective is to enable you to control your own brand

  • A strong focus on professional networking

  • Revenue model consists of Subscriptions, Advertising, Job Posting, Enterprise Recruiting and Surveys

  • Quote : "LinkedIn is a great way to find experts"

  • Hardware : 600 machines, cloud graph has 50+ servers

  • Software : Majority Java, also Ruby (did he mention polls ?), Python and R used for analytics, (did he mention PHP as well ?). C++ is used for caching primarily for the relationships

  • Internal Release Frequency : Once every week, every thursday.

In the context of LinkedIn applications (InApps) he mentioned -

  • Privacy is a very big thing at LinkedIn. They do not want to play around with it. 32 million users (1.57 million from India). Average user in LinkedIn makes > USD 90,000 pa. About 100,000 Indian members are at CXO or similar levels.

  • LinkedIn looks towards a clear focus on enhancing the professional value for applications. All applications are professional, preapproved, no noise applications with a clear value model.

  • LinkedIn works with partners to craft each application.

  • Integrating InApps with groups likely to follow in due course.

  • 3 weeks into the launch about 2.3% users visit the canvas pages

  • Currently LinkedIn receives requests for integration with many applications. An application developer would need to convince LinkedIn about the professional nature and the value proposition before getting approval. I think he also mentioned that most requests for such integration do not pan out successfully.

Footnote : Was intending to blog about Day 2 at the Indicthreads Java Technology Conference, but realised much of today's proceedings didn't make for good blog content (mostly operational details about various software). Hence decided to write a little bit about one of the more interesting segments of the day's proceedings.