JVM CLR unification : IBM Sun merger held up to complete CLR licensing

Wed 01 April 2009 | tags: 401gags

While the Sun acquisition by IBM has been doing rounds for so many days, it has been rather surprising why the deal even though being in news for so long has neither been denied nor completed. It apparently turns out the real value in the deal is based on a simultaneous perpetual licensing of the CLR. The goal is to then build a single unified runtime which will allow for simultaneous support for and complete interoperability between all the languages based on both the JVM and CLR environments. Thus Java / Scala / C# / VB.NET will be able to freely talk to each other. An interesting problem is going to be the fate of the languages which are simultaneously being implemented on both the platforms eg. Jython and IronPython, IronRuby and JRuby etc. These issues will be sorted out in due course. The spade work to talk to some of the developers and bloggers to get a good promotion as soon as the announcement happens has already begun. Some of the bloggers and publishers are worried that the unification of the two is likely to substantially reduce the eyeballs and interest in many of the technical writings since much of the 'spice' would now be lost. I would imagine a huge PR campaign the moment the final issues in the perpetual CLR licensing issues are ironed out. Apparently some of the prepared press releases were published a bit too soon. These were subsequently not removed but have been put under temporary access control and result in a 401 error when accessed thus leading one to believe that their release is likely to be imminent.

Update : Further breaking news on the topic can be found here.