Why you should register to attend Python Conference Pune (Sept 2011) right now

Tue 26 July 2011

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This is a guest / cross post from original one as appeared on PuneTech written by Navin Kabra. Thank you Navin, for the permission to reproduce the same.

Disclaimer : Both I and Navin are on the organising team of PyCon India 2011. However we act in a volunteer capacity to help further encourage python and software development activities. We do not gain financially from this association. PuneTech is a blog specifically focused on encouraging technology developments in Pune.

PyCon India, the International Python Conference that happens in India every year, will be in Pune this year on September 16-18, 2011. Early Bird Registration - Rs. 300 (includes lunch, 3 days) is open until the end of the week. Register now! If you need convincing as to why you should attend Pycon, here are some reasons:

What are you waiting for? Register now

(We'd like to mention here that amongst the various sponsors of PyCon (including Google and GitHub), are these cool Pune companies/institutions: Venue sponsor: Symbiosis, Gold: Vayana, Silver: Druva and GSLab)

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